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Old Mill Hardwood Floors uses premium woods and the highest quality tools and products to ensure smooth surfaces and durable finishes.

Jeff Kersbergen

Jeff Kersbergen

Old Mill Hardwood Floors has been providing wood flooring services in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area for over 10 years, but that does not mean we are new to the trade. I started working with wood floors while living in Madison, WI over 25 years ago. With the arrival of our first child we decided to move back to Iowa City, my wife’s home town. While living here I joined with other members of my wife’s family in the wood flooring trade. With the close of that company I wanted to continue working with wood floors, so I started this company.

The name, Old Mill, is a connection to my Dutch heritage. We are a small company, it’s just me and my family and we strive to take care of one customer at a time. We use hardwoods of the highest quality, machines that give a smooth surface, and finishes that give beauty and durability to our floors. Because the environment is also very important to us, we use waterborne finishes and woods that come from managed forests in order to minimize our impact on the eco-systems we live in.

While the wood flooring trade is not the easiest job in the world, I never get over the feeling I get when the final coat of finish is applied and there is a beautiful wood floor is laying before me. There isn’t one like it anywhere else and it can last for decades or centuries if cared for. Let me share that feeling with you.

Thank you,

Jeff Kersbergen, Owner
Old Mill Hardwood Floors

Featured on HGTV
In 2003, Jeff Kersbergen was featured on HGTV’s Modern Masters where he created a 100′ border of maple, purple heart, wenge and brass for a floor in the Iowa City area.

Lead Safe Certified

Did you know that the state of Iowa has one of the highest rates of lead poisoning in the country! It’s true. Because of that the state of Iowa, along with the EPA has set strict standards for work done on buildings constructed prior to 1978. Only a certified Lead Safe Renovator may test for lead and work on homes that tested positive.

We take these rules very seriously, not only for our customers, but also for our families. We have taken all the needed courses as well as the continuing education needed to remain certified. We have invested thousands of dollars in the needed HEPA equipment to safely work on finishes that contain lead. Even if your floor is free of lead, our vacuums mean a cleaner job all around.

If your home was built prior to 1978 ask to see your contractors Iowa Lead Safe Renovator certificate.

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