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Why hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors…

  • are a natural product and a renewable resource
  • will not trigger allergic reactions
  • will not give off harmful odors
  • do not pose a disposal problem
  • will not harbor silverfish or other insects
  • strengthen their substance

…and are a great choice for the home because they…

  • give it a rich beauty and are good backdrops for any decorating scheme
  • provide over 100% return on investment by increasing the value of your home
  • won’t wear out before the mortgage is paid
  • will last a lifetime if properly maintained

What other services does Old Mill Hardwood Floors provide?

Rather than offering all types of floor coverings, we focus primarily on wood floors. A product we are now happy to offer is Skimstone. Skimstone is a unique hybridized Portland cement that creates a beautiful textured appearance on walls, laminate counter tops or concrete floors.

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Is it cost-effective for home builders and renovators to select wood flooring over less costly materials?

Yes! Residential real estate agents say homes with wood floors hold their value better, sell faster, and fetch higher prices, according to a recent nationwide survey commissioned by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). By a three-to-one margin, real estate agents said that a house with wood floors would sell faster than a carpeted house. Some 58 percent said a house with wood floors would bring a higher price. “There is a perception today that they don’t build homes like they used to,” according to one Pennsylvania agent. “So when people see hardwood floors instead of carpet-covered plywood, they feel the entire house was built with superior building materials.”

Does wood flooring promote a healthy indoor environment?

Yes! Bacteria, dust and dirt do not embed themselves in wood flooring, as they do in other flooring options. Simple regular maintenance—such as dustmopping, sweeping, or vacuuming—keeps wood floors sanitary.
(source NWFA)

My client suffers from allergies. Is wood flooring hypoallergenic?

Millions of people suffer from sensitivity to chemicals and toxins. Tests by leading allergists have proven that wood flooring provides a healthier environment for these allergy sufferers. Wood doesn’t harbor irritating dust and microorganisms.
(source NWFA)

Is the natural environment protected during the harvesting and manufacturing of wood flooring?

Yes. Far from a depleting resource, hardwood is sustainable and commercially more available now than ever before. On the 486 million acres of forestland in the United States classified as commercial, substantially more wood is added in new growth each year than is harvested. For hardwood species, 86 percent more wood is added annually in net growth than is removed through harvest. Manufacturers of glue-down wood flooring meet Clean Air Act standards for construction adhesives. A national environmental standard for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is anticipated in the next few years, but manufacturers are already offering VOC-compliant wood flooring products.
(source NWFA)

We service the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area and provide free consultations. Let’s chat about your next project!

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